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Gather your tribe in the original Urban Tribe Cargo Bicycle. Completely comfortable, unbelievably safe, and totally timeless in design, this bicycle is a show-stopping conversation-starter your neighbors will adore, and your kids will love.


Enjoy the Journey

It’s hard to say “hi” to the neighbors, or let your kids explore on-demand when you’re screaming down the street in your car. Urban Tribe Cargo Bicycles are for the family that wants to engage with its community. The family that wants to enjoy the journey, not just the destination.


Ride with style. Ride with comfort. Ride with complete safety.


Electric Version Only

Riding a bike has never been this easy. A fully-integrated 250W hub motor makes the Urban Tribe Cargo Bicycle an effortless ride. Use it for an extra-boost up hills, or to power your journey end-to-end—there’s no right or wrong way to do it.


Electric Version Only

From your speed to your battery life, the dashboard is an all-in-one display that supports you as you ride. Track your everyday adventures with the odometer, or turn on the front headlight to light-up the road on those early evening rides.


Whether you’re a petite mom or an uber-tall dad, quick-release levers make adjusting seat height and handlebar height a snap.


It doesn’t matter if the road is sopping wet or bone-dry, our Cargo Bicycle is equipped with a pair of Avid BB5 disc brakes so you can stop on a dime and keep your family safe in all conditions.

6 speed shifters

Conquer those hills and heavy cargo loads or long straight-aways with a Shimano Tourney SL-TX50 Shifter to smoothly choose from 6 available gears,

safe and sound

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Four 3-point seatbelts are included to secure your most precious cargo.

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Groceries? Picnic Baskets? The Cargo Box fits more than parents expect.

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